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Who We Are

I’m Chris, a transplanted Minnesotan who, together with my wife and partner Isabel, run La Cima Logistics.  We’re a licensed and legit adventure travel agency in Huaraz, Peru.  We’ve been providing logistical services to climbers and trekkers since 2003, when it became obvious that some visitors wanted custom expeditions at local prices.  We make  arrangements for adventures in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, which are places that both of us (and all of our staff) know well, from the valleys to the summits.  We’re honored to work with the best staff (guides, cooks, porters, and arrieros)  and service providers (hotels, transport companies, equipment rental) to provide you with exactly what you need, from “everything” to “minimalist”.  We use great care with each trip we operate, to manage risk and maximize adventure and success.


What We Do

We charge a flat fee per person in your group to provide custom logistical arrangements for your trip. This fee is paid in advance, to hire La Cima Logistics to help plan and manage your trip.
We work closely with our client groups to plan exactly the logistics needed, anticipate the budget and schedule, and make sure the details happen as planned. When the unanticipated happens, as it can, we deal with it. We live here, we know how things work, and we know how to make things happen.
Everything starts with an email from you telling us what you want to do on your “dream trip”. Then, we’ll ask you a few questions and shortly send you a spreadsheet of cost estimations and timeline. Together we can refine that until you’re happy with the result.
The actual costs of the trip that you agree upon are to be paid upon arrival to Huaraz. Tourism in this area of Peru operates largely in cash, and we accept wire transfers and/or cash for trip cost payments.

OUR Clients

satisfied clients around the world

The Alpine Club of Canada


  • "There's no other logistical coordinator I contact for my most important expeditions to the area."
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    Mick Follari

  • "Is simply one of the best logistics firms out there."
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    Dr. Rebecca Cole

  • "Everything was well thought out and the pace of getting to Huaraz, gathering supplies, and acclimating was gentle yet brisk"

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    Alex Gilbert

  • "We could not succeed at our field work without great ground support that we get from Chris and La Cima Logistics"

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    Ellen Lapham

  • "Chris and La Cima Logistics are the best prepared and easiest to work with as anyone in the world"

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    Dr. John All

  • "Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or new to the expedition terrain, La Cima will take care of your needs"

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    Paige Classen

  • "An American expat, Chris understands our needs as climbers, trekkers and travelers to this mountain paradise"

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    Pete Takeda

  • "Working with La Cima Logistics was easy and effective"

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    Leo Bezman

We’re coming to Huaraz, and we want to climb/trek – can we join one of your groups?

It cannot be done, as we don’t sell space on climbing or trekking trips. There are plenty of local agencies that sell space, but we aren’t one of them. We arrange custom logistics for groups of any size, but they’re all private trips.

We don’t want to haul our mountaineering/trekking equipment to Peru – is there good quality rental equipment available in town?

At La Cima Logistics, you can rent the very highest quality equipment for your adventures. We have excellent tents for trekking, mountaineering, and basecamp, sleeping bags and pads, kitchen equipment, and technical climbing kit. We also have access to emergency communications equipment such as satellite phones, as well as water filtration tools, and first aid/portable oxygen.

Do I need to hire a Guide?

Legally, in many cases the answer is yes. In some cases this rule can be bent, but it should be understood by visiting trekkers and climbers that the Peruvian Gov’t has decided that you must hire a Guide for trekking or climbing trips in the Cordillera Blanca (Huascaran Nat’l Park) In the Huayhaush, there are no such regulations. If you think you might want to hire a Guide – do so as EARLY in the year as possible.

Can La Cima Logistics make all of our arrangements?

We can arrange as little or as much as you require. We have access to the best staff working in this area – many Guides speak multiple languages and some have wilderness medical response training, as well as plenty of experience in the hills. The Cooks we work with are second to none, and can accommodate different dietary needs and preferences. Porters and Arrieros (pack animal handlers) can help move equipment if needed. Any kind of transportation, hotel or equipment requests can be arranged.


What can we do near Huaraz?

Many fun things! The mountain areas of Parque Nacional Huascaran, located in the Cordillera Blanca, and the nearby Cordillera Huayhuash, attract many international mountaineers and trekkers. Climbing and trekking options are plentiful, from moderate to difficult/expert, and similar possibilities are rarely so close at hand. Ski mountaineering, technical mountain biking, rock-climbing (bolt-clipping and “trad”/alpine) are also popular reasons to visit. Cultural tourism, including community-based “homestays”, guided visits to pre-Incan ruins, and supported trekking on historically significant trails are gaining in popularity. High altitude horse riding, trout fishing, bird watching, and guided day hikes are some of the activities that have become popular while people acclimatize to the altitude. Because we know the area, and the options, let us help you make the most of your trip!



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